Nottingham Forest fixtures for 2019-20 announced

In a startling development, the EFL have announced that once again Nottingham Forest will play every other team in the Championship twice this season…

Here are all the fixtures as they stand (but if I start typing them out some will doubtless have changed by the time I finish)…

A few things to point out… ticket requests for the first away game at Leeds need to be with Steve by Saturday, July 13.

You will note that there are two London games in August – we are likely to have a lot of ticket requests to deal with so to give us the best chance of fulfilling all ticket requests please let Steve know if you want a ticket by Saturday, July 27.

We will publish a full list of deadlines shortly. As in previous years it is important that you send Steve an SAE for each fixture whether you pay by cheque or electronically.

Finally, you are probably already aware that the West Brom game (5.30pm kick off) on the opening day is on TV. We would welcome any feedback on a potential venue for London Trickies to gather for televised games this season. If anybody knows of a suitable venue please get in touch…


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