Match tickets

Away match tickets

The branch will attempt to obtain away match tickets for its members wherever practicable and we will continue to do so using the normal procedures subject to the procedures below being CORRECTLY FOLLOWED.

Branch members are able to acquire tickets for away games through our chairman Steve Moon.

However please note that Steve should receive all applications FOUR WEEKS before the relevant away fixture with either:

  • A cheque made payable to Nottingham Forest  or SC London Branch
  • Online payment to sort code 40-08-19 account 81115340 which is with the HSBC.

A stamped self-addressed envelope is required even if you make payment online.

We cannot guarantee any application will be successful. As you would expect, Forest make away ticket membership scheme members their top priority and home season ticket holders second priority so if you fit either of these categories please let Steve know.

However, branch members usually stand a better chance than general sale through the club. We were OK for most of last season and hopefully will be this season too although there are some games (Derby?) where this may not apply.

Please apply on a match-by-match basis not as a batch. If you have not received your ticket 72 hours before the game please contact Steve who will attempt to arrange a replacement.

To order away tickets through the branch please email Steve at:

Home match tickets

Tickets for home matches go on sale one month beforehand and can be obtained from the Nottingham Forest ticket office. Prices are around £25-£33 when booked in advance but increase by around £2 if paid for on the day. A couple of home games are usually earmarked for a reduced rate and there are also some Kids for a Quid matches, Check the club website for details.