Branch constitution


1. The Club shall be named the Nottingham Forest Supporters’ Club London and Southern Counties Branch (hereafter referred to as “The Branch”). Although shortened forms are acceptable e.g. London Branch and London Trickies, the above shall remain its formal name. The Branch shall remain an official subsidiary of the parent Nottingham Forest Supporters’ Club (hereafter referred to as “The Parent Club”) and its affairs shall be under the jurisdiction of that Club that all members shall abide by. However, the Branch shall have its own internal Constitution as outlined in the paragraphs below.

2. The objects of the Branch are to further the interests of Nottingham Forest supporters residing in London and the Southern Counties (defined as any county bordering Greater London or bisected by the M25 Motorway) by promoting travel advice, away ticket information, sports and social functions and generally providing for the needs of its members. Although membership is generally for Nottingham Forest supporters residing in the stated geographical areas, membership from other parts of the UK or abroad will be considered.

3. The Branch shall also be a member of the Association of Provincial Football Supporters’ Clubs in London (hereafter referred as APFSCIL) and shall be bound by that organisation’s rules and procedures applicable to it for as long as its period of membership prevails.

4. The Branch membership year shall be consistent with the duration of the English football season and is therefore renewable on 1st August each year by payment of an annual subscription agreed at the Branch Annual General Meeting. The Branch shall send an application form for this purpose which shall be completed by the Member(s) and forwarded to the Membership Secretary. The following grades of membership shall prevail; Adult, Joint Membership (Partners residing at same address), Senior (Aged 60 and over on 1st August each year), and two grades of Junior Membership (Under 16 and 16-21 both at 1st August each year). The subscription payment comprises the equivalent grade of membership to the Parent Club plus a small additional fee for Branch administration. Any member who has not renewed his/her subscription by 1st October shall not be allowed to participate in any Branch function until such membership has been paid.

5. The business and affairs of the Branch shall be controlled by a Committee comprising a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, APFSCIL Representative and any other position that may be considered beneficial. All Committee members shall be elected annually at the Branch Annual General Meeting. The Committee have power to fill any vacancy that may occur during the Branch membership year until the following Annual General Meeting. The Committee also have power to appoint any sub-Committee for any specific purpose and delegate such appropriate duties to them.

6. The Annual General Meeting of the Branch shall be held no later than 31st July each year to receive and approve the Committee Report, Branch Financial Statement, to elect the Committee for the ensuing year and for any other relevant business to be transacted. All current Committee members are eligible for re-election. Any other member wishing to apply for any of the Committee places shall do so in writing seven days prior to the meeting and be proposed and seconded by two Branch members. Such applications shall come from members who have held Branch membership for a minimum of one year prior to the Annual General Meeting.

7. A Special General Meeting shall be called within 21 days of receiving a request signed by the minimum of 10 Branch members or one-fifth (20%) of the total membership setting out the purpose of the meeting to be held. Unless any other issues arise that the Chairman of the Meeting considers essential, no other business shall be transacted at such a meeting.
8. The Branch Secretary shall maintain the minutes of all meetings and decisions taken. The Chairman shall not vote at such meetings but shall have the casting vote should the need arise. At any Annual, Special or other meeting, voting shall be by a show of hands, private ballot or by any other method appropriate to the subject matter at the discretion of the Chairman.

9. The Branch will endeavour to obtain tickets for Nottingham Forest away matches for its members and details of applying for these will be circulated to all members together with deadline dates. This process will be carried out through the Parent Club. Payment options are as set out in Paragraph 11 below. In addition, all applications shall be accompanied by a stamped addressed envelope for return of ticket. Members shall note that tickets are not guaranteed and any applications received after the closing date or without the required detail will not be accepted. In the event of the demand for tickets exceeding the supply allocated to the Branch, the Committee shall decide the fairest allocation method. First priority shall go members who hold Away Membership and/or Season Tickets at the City Ground. Other considered issues shall be historical away match ticket applications particularly those outside London and its immediate vicinities. Any remaining tickets shall then be distributed in a manner that the Committee consider to be the fairest method possible. Should any member order a ticket and then cancel after the order has been placed, the member shall still be responsible for its payment unless the Branch can either reallocate the ticket to another member or return it to the Parent Club. Members shall note that it is not the policy of the Branch to obtain tickets for home matches (unless in exceptional circumstances) as a booking process exists at the City Ground for this purpose.

10. In the event that the Branch organises any form of travel to any match, details will be circulated to members as appropriate. Members shall note that this may comprise travelling with our opponents on that particular day. Any member booking such travel and subsequently cancelling shall be responsible for making up any financial loss the Branch may incur as a result.

11. Membership subscriptions, ticket money and any other financial transaction may be paid either by cheque made payable to the Branch (NFSC London Branch will suffice on the cheque) or by electronic payment direct into the Branch account, the details of which shall be made available to all members. Cheque payment shall accompany the application for membership, match tickets etc. In the case of tickets, cheque may be left blank if prices unknown at time of booking. Any member presenting either a cheque or electronic payment to the Branch that is subsequently not honoured by the presenter’s bank shall not only settle the debt within 28 days but also shall pay any further charges that may incur as a result of this transaction. Any member not doing so will be prevented from future participation in any Branch function until it has been paid.

12. The Committee shall have power to warn, suspend or expel from membership, any member whose conduct at any match day or Branch function is considered to be in the best interest of the Branch and its members. In such cases, the Parent Club shall be notified of the circumstances. The member(s) concerned shall have to right to appeal through a process that will be set out in the decision letter.

13. All sports teams under the name of the Branch, whether as part of an APFSCIL competition or independently shall appoint Secretaries who will be responsible for running their own teams and to report on progress to the Committee. Participating members shall abide by any rules and regulations laid down.

14. Every member shall be supplied with a copy of this Constitution on joining and shall be expected to keep it up to date. Any amendments, additions or deletions shall only be made at the Annual General Meeting (for which seven days’ notice shall be given) or by a Special Meeting called for under Paragraph 7 above.

15. The Committee has power to lead with any matter not specifically covered by this Constitution and shall report to members at the Annual General Meeting or a Special Meeting called for this purpose.

16. In the event of cessation of the Branch, all outstanding monies and other assets, after any creditors and debtors have been finalised, shall become the property of the Parent Club for them to deal with as appropriate.

17. The Branch shall not be responsible for any member’s personal property that may be lost or damaged during the participation of any Branch function or attending a match.