Garry Birtles guest at London Trickies’ 40th anniversary party

Forest legend Garry Birtles will be the guest of honour at the London Trickies’ 40th anniversary do on Saturday, October 7.

The double European Cup-winning striker will be joined by Jonny Owen, maker of the brilliant I Believe in Miracles film.

We are also thrilled that the current Forest chairman Nicholas Randall QC should be joining us a bit later on and we hope he will say a few words.

We also have a buffet featuring chilli (plus vegetarian chilli) together with then usual sandwiches, samosas etc.

The event will start at the Horseshoe pub near Farringdon station at around 4pm. Tickets are still available for £20. Please email Steve Moon at if you would like to attend.
 Anything suitable for decorating the meeting room will be appreciated, if so, please arrive a bit earlier to set it out.  This can be banners, shirts, scarves, ‘suitable’ photos.

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