Travel information for Norwich City

Forest always seem to get away games in East Anglia on days when there is a substandard train service – is this a conspiracy? Do Ingatestone and Ely Tourist Boards just want to welcome hordes of Forest fans every year?

You may have been put off the game at Carrow Road by fares of more than £50 for a long journey involving a change. DO NOT PAY THIS!!

There are two options:

via Newbury Park/Ingatestone: Singles are currently available for £8 each way between Ingatestone and Norwich but you have to book on a specific train. Plus £13.40 for a Super Off-Peak day return from London to Ingatestone. So £29.40 return (as of 27/1/17). Warning: This includes a rail replacement bus from Newbury Park to Ingatestone.

Via Cambridge/Ely: A Super Off-Peak Day Return to Ely is £19.90. Add in the Day Return from Ely to Norwich at £16.90 and it’s a slightly less eye-watering £36.80. And they are walk-up fares – no need to book in advance.’


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