Quick guide to Forest’s fixture changes

Following on from the untelevised 3-1 win over Birmingham on Friday, we can ‘look forward’ to a whole host of amended fixtures over the coming weeks – not least the rather contentious decision to bring the Newcastle away game forward 24 hours.

Thanks to Steve Moon for this lowdown on what we can expect over the coming weeks.

Ipswich (away): Now live on Sky on Saturday, November 19. Kick off 5.30pm.

Barnsley (away): Now live on Sky on Friday, November 25. Kick off 7.45pm.

Newcastle (home): Now live on Sky on Friday, December 2. Kick off 7.45pm

Derby (away): Now live on Sky on Sunday, December 11. Kick off noon. This change will make getting there difficult for us as the only practical train arrives at Derby 17 minutes before kick off meaning a dash to the ground assuming train is on time.  Tickets for this game will be limited especially for non season-ticket holders but we will try.

Preston (home): Now Wednesday, December 14. Kick off 7.45pm. Changed from Tuesday due to the Derby match being changed.
Newcastle (away): Now Friday, December 30. Kick off 7.45pm. NOT on TV. It’s been changed at the request of the authorities, a bit late in my opinion since they’ve known about this since June.  However, a few of us are planning to go and stay overnight in Newcastle.  Anyone thinking about this are advised, in booking train travel, to book on Grand Central trains to Sunderland and then the local metro to Newcastle as it’s far cheaper.  The 11.21 from Kings Cross and 12.11 back from Sunderland the following day are the most practicable trains and there are decently priced hotel deals if you book early enough.
For all the above, my ticket deadlines remain unchanged but remember the Christmas post and please plan accordingly and put first class stamps on your sae’s.

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