Darts team complete league and cup double

The branch darts team has completed the APFSCIL league and cup double by beating Ipswich 6-5 in the final.

It means that out of 16 matches this season we won 15 and lost just one.


Round one: Burnley 4 Forest 6

Round two: Rotherham 3 Forest 6

Semi-final: Forest 8 Scunthorpe 3

Final: Ipswich 5 Forest 6

darts pic

LEAGUE RESULTS (home games in bold)


1 Sheffield Wednesday W 9-2

29 Rotherham W 7-4



28 Scunthorpe W 8-3



11 Scunthorpe W 9-2

29 Sheffield Wednesday W 6-5



4 Sunderland W 7-4

13 Leicester City L 4-7

18 Burnley W 9-2

27 Leicester City W 8-3



5 Burnley W 6-5

9 Sunderland W 8-3

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