News sheet from Nottingham Forest Supporters Club

Latest news from Rita Kirk, general secretary of NFSC.

The committee and members congratulate Joan Bakewell on winning the Fan of the Year award presented at the 150th anniversary dinner in May.

Members have now been sent their forms for the 2016-17 season and I sincerely hope that you will be joining us again this year.

To join please send the form and money to the branch secretary of the branch you are joining. Packages when completed will be sent out by the membership secretary.

It is always difficult when new owners come into a football club and I must admit the Supporters Club did find this.

We worked at the connection very hard and I am very pleased to say this has improved greatly. We now have monthly meetings and although some points of course are confidential, a great deal of information has been given to us to involve our members and encourage them to take part and follow our football club.

I also have a letter confirming that we are the Official Nottingham Forest Supporters Club and this will now show on all our correspondence. It was signed by Lalou Tifrit, director/head of finance and operations/owners representative. This will be an asset when we are approached from Supporters Direct Group/Supporters Trust as Nottingham Forest Football Club will only recognise us as “the official contact with the club”.


I am very pleased to say that the football club have let us have our office back at the ground on Saturday matchdays only in the Champions Centre – Peter Taylor/Main Stand Car Park as from the first match of the new season from 10am until 2.45pm. This a further contact point for the Supporters Club and a great asset – so please call in to see us.



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