TV deadlines to watch out for before booking travel

Looking to book trains for matches this season but not sure if it might get moved for television?

Forest’s first league game of the season against West Brom was immediately selected by Sky and we can expect to be regular favourites for coverage again (although we will do well to beat Leeds’ 22 appearances last season!)

The Football League and Sky have committed to giving supporters at least five weeks’ notice of any changes to the schedule, until March when that becomes four and then three for the penultimate weekend of the campaign. Meanwhile, games on the final day kick-off at 12.30pm regardless of television selection.

Those cut-off days are as follows:

July 26: Selections for Sept 7-28
Aug 30: Selections for Oct 2 to Nov 9
Oct 4: Selections for Nov 16 to Dec 7
Nov 1: Selections for Dec 11 to Jan 11
Dec 6: Selections for Jan 18 to Feb 1
Jan 3: Selections for Feb 8 to 29
Feb 7: Selections for Mar 7
Feb 14: Selections for Mar 14 and 18
Feb 21: Selections for Mar 21
Feb 28: Selections for Mar 28
Mar 6: Selections for Apr 4
Mar 13: Selections for Apr 10 to 13
Mar 20: Selections for Apr 18
Apr 3: Selections for Apr 25
Apr 27: Selections for May 2 and 3


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