Help us find a new home pub for Forest TV games

To avoid disappointment we have given the Comedy pub a call to check they were showing the Forest v Villa game being televised on Sky Sports Action only to be told that the matches they were showing were Liverpool and Barcelona.

Given that a clash of two former European Cup winners on a genuine channel cut no ice with the unhelpful new regime at the Comedy we have no choice but to advise people not to head there if they want to watch that or other Forest games.

It seems our custom counts for nothing – even though the best part of 100 people were crammed into a room for the away game with Leeds earlier in the season.

From being incredibly helpful and accommodating to begin with, their disinterest couldn’t be clearer down to their refusal to find a way to show the game at Aston Villa, meaning many of us missed a flurry of goals in the 5-5 draw earlier in the season or were left huddled together watching matchstick men on an iPad and a phone for one of the most bonkers matches ever.

So, we really could do with a new home pub for a TV matches. A Forest-supporting landlord in London would obviously be ideal (maybe helping us to get some red button action too). Zone one or near a tube station/major train station would also clearly be preferable if we are to make it suitable for people to get to for the maximum number of people.

If anyone knows of a suitable venue please leave a comment below or on the @londontrickies Twitter feed


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