East Midlands Trains special tickets to football 2018-19

East Midlands Trains offer a Football Special ticket to Nottingham, priced £42, which has been negotiated via APFSCIL.

Although these tickets may not be the cheapest option, they provide added flexibility allowing you to return on any reasonable train – which means you are untied to a particular service unlike Megatrain or East Midlands advance tickets.

Designed for fans living in London but supporingt a football club on the East Midlands Trains London route, the special return fares from London St Pancras are:

Sheffield – 1st class £75*, standard class £53*

Derby – 1st class £68* Standard class £44*

Nottingham – 1st class £68* Standard class £42*

Leicester – 1st class £63*, standard class £42*

The advantage with these tickets is they can be booked up to the day before the game and they are refundable (albeit with a £10 deduction). Also you can make your return journey on any train over the weekend – you are not tied to a specific train.

If your destination is not detailed above please get in touch with one of the team who will be able to advise. Call 01332 867050 or visit corporateandevents@eastmidlandstrains.co.uk

The office is open from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

*Fares correct as of 1st August 2018

Small print: Valid for all services arriving into London St Pancras at or after 09:56 and for trains departing London St Pancras up until 16:26 and at or after 18:25 on weekdays. If you are making a return journey, you can return on any train over the weekend. Refund permitted – £10 cancellation fee.


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